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Sunstar takes place on a frozen tundra with the landscape covered in snow and an occasional dead tree. There are two Diamond Sword bases, one on each end of the map, with a large multi-story tower in the middle of the map. This map is available for Capture the Flag only.


The main base consists of a two story tower with a basement level, and a large shielded platform in front of it with the flag on it. The platform has two arches, one on each end, that supports the shield, which prevent enemy players from going through it, as long as the generator is online. On each side of the main base are two smaller towers, one that has a grav-shaft that connects to the basement level. Behind that tower is a base turret, with another base turret on the other side of the flag. There is one inventory station in the basement level by the grav-shaft.

The generator is located on a bridge that spans a pit in the basement level of the main base. There are two ways to access the basement, the main base, and one of the smaller towers. Once inside, there are three corridors that lead to the generator. Because this is a Diamond Sword base, there are waterfalls and zen gardens adorning the basement.

Behind the base is the vehicle station and radar sensor.

In the center of the map is a large multi-story tower, which has a corridor running straight through it, connecting to the two bases, and a grav-shaft that leads to the other two floors. To the side of the large tower are two medium sized towers.

The map is surrounded by cliffs, where players can fall to their death.



The flag sits on a large platform in front of the main base, and is protected by a shield on all but two sides. The sides are open, so Pathfinders can quickly grab the flag and get out if the flag is not defended properly. Doombringers can place Mines or Force Fields and make it difficult for a Pathfinder to grab the flag without taking damage. The Technicians can place turrets on the platform or nearby on the ground. If the shield is down, Juggernauts can bombard the flag from the top of the medium sized towers, or from main base's tower.


The only way to get to the generator is via a grav shaft, which can be defended with turrets placed around the shaft's opening. The generator sits on a bridge that is wide enough to support all projectile types, and can also lead players to their death if they fall off. Infiltrators using the Sonic Punch perk can sneak up on players and knock them off the bridge.


  • It is not possible to get on top of the large tower in the middle of the map, as you will hit the ceiling of the map.