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Temple Ruins takes place on a volcanic world with active volcanoes on the map. The style of the bases is that of a Gothic origin, and appears to belong to the Children of the Phoenix, as their iconography can be seen in the bases. This map is only available for Capture the Flag.


The main base is a two story Gothic structure, though the second story only has a long ledge that provides a roof for the flag. In the very front of the base, surrounded by columns, is the flag, with a ramp behind it that leads to the second story. On either side of the flag is a base turret. On either side of the base there are platforms that the players spawn on. The rest of the base houses the generator. On top of the base, above the ramp, is the radar sensor. There are inventory stations located on each side of the base, near the generator room.

The generator is located in a large open area in the back half of the base. It can be accessed on either side of the base by the large entrances or the smaller entrances facing the front of front of the base. While the generator is surrounded by walls, they are rather short, and provide little protection. The generator also has four small columns and a platform on top of them to protect it.

Off to the side of the base is the vehicle station.



The flag can be grabbed on all sides as long as the player avoids the columns. Doombringers can place Mines or Force Fields to try to protect the flag, and there is plenty of space for Technicians to place their turrets. Sentinels can stay on the second story and snipe incoming players with ease. Other classes have a tendency to hang around the hill that leads up to the flag, as players lose speed going up it.


The generator can be easily accessed via any of the entrances, though Technicians like to place turrets on the wall surrounding the generator, and up on the ledges on the walls. Since the generator sits on the floor, it is easy to destroy with any type of weapon.

Map Changes

This map has gone through numerous changes and was at one point pulled from the map rotation to fix an eploit that allowed players under the map. The original version of the map had a terrain that was not good for skiing, and had volcanoes that players could get in that really served no purpose. The generator room was originally located underneath the map and was a large open space with two levels. The first level was a catwalk that went all the way around the interior with side passages. The lowest level had the generator sitting on catwalks above lava. Some of the panels were missing, and players could be knocked into the lava and die. However, two heavies could easily keep the generator safe by spamming mortars and fractals. Later on, the terrain was fixed, and the volcanoe that was in the middle of the map, which also interfered with routes, was removed. The location of the radar sensor was also moved from the back roof to the front, most likely because it was difficult to get to.


  • The Children of the Phoenix iconography can be seen on the ceilings and floor.
  • The call-ins have difficulty with this map, especially if you aim at the ledges on the ground, most of them time it will reach the end of the timer, but not deduct any credits.
  • Internally, the map is known as Ruins of Harabec.