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Bella Omega takes place on a Diamond Sword desert world, where the seventh Firetruce will be/is/was held (depending on where Ascend falls in the timeline). This is a crucial map for Ascend as it plays an important role in the lore of the series. While the Diamond Sword bases are technologically advanced, it seems that the rest of the world is not, which can be determined by the dwellings that are scattered around the map. This map is available for Capture the Flag and CTF Blitz modes.


The main base is a two story structure with a basement that is connected to a tunnel system that runs halfway across the map. The base itself is a common base from some of the other maps, but changed slightly. Instead of being enclosed, the second story is open to the air and is protected on two sides by force fields that prevent enemies and their projectiles from crossing through, as long as the generator is online.. In the center of the base is a grav-lift which connects the top floor to the basement. There are two smaller structures behind the base on each side which serve as spawn points and sniping positions. To defend the base, there are three base turrets, one on each side of the base, and one in front of it. The radar sensor is behind the base off to the side.

The basement can be accessed via the grav-lift or the tunnels. Each tunnel has two access points, one close to the base, and one about halfway to the enemy base. The tunnels have two booster conduits in them, one in each direction, which leads to three connecting chambers with side corridors that lead to the generator. The generator sits on a platform above a pit that will kill the player if it falls into it. There are two repair stations, on each side of the main entrance to the generator area. It is possible to get a Beowulf into the chamber connected to the grav-lift. It is highly unlikely that a Beowulf could be driven through the tunnels as the conduits are not flush with the ground.

The vehicle station is located in front of the base and off to the side, near one of the smaller structures.

There are inventory stations in each of the smaller structures around the main base, and two inside the main base on the first floor.

In the background, tornadoes can be seen, and on occassion, a sandstorm will appear in the map bounds, lowering visibility, even in the tunnels and basement.



The flag is protected on two sides by force fields, as long as the generators are up, and there are crates along those sides as well, which provide some protection. Two of the turrets are in range of the flag and can help protect it. There is plenty of room for Doombringers to place Mines or Force Fields, and Technicians can place turrets. It is rare for the flag to be under constant bombardment by mortars as the ceiling can block long range attacks. Enemies can come up through the grav-lift and be very near the flag, though they will not have much speed.


The generator can be accessed via the grav-lift or the tunnels, the tunnels are easier to sneak into than the grav-lift. The generator sits on a platform, like in most maps, which makes it more difficult for mortars to damage it.

CTF Blitz

Blitz locations for Bella Omega
  1. The default location.
  2. Between the base and base turret.
  3. On a crate near the default flag location.
  4. In the center of a group of small dwellings to the side of the base.
  5. Floating in the grav-lift on the ground level.

Map Changes

This map has gone through numerous changes and was at one point pulled from the map rotation to, "let it be a lesson" that nonconstructive feedback was not appreciated.[1] While Bella Omega was always said to be a desert map, the initial maps were covered in snow, or possibly white sand. The first iteration of the map had a similar base layout with a connecting corridor outside of the base and there were three stories and a basement. The second story was not as open, but the flag sat outside on ledge, completely exposed. In the second and third iterations, the top of the base was removed, and the flag was moved to the center of the base. Grav-lifts were added to two of the sides of the base so that it would be easier to get to the flag. A force field was added to the grav-lift in the middle of the base so that if the generator was online, enemies could not pass through it. There was also one iteration that used doors instead of a force field. At one point, the flag would move into the grav-lift chamber if the generator went down, in order to protect it. The fourth edit to the map, moved the generator into the main base's first floor, to the side, which restricted access to one entrance. This final change generated a lot of complaints because people could park a Beowulf in the generator area and make it very difficult to destroy the generator, which also lead to the map being pulled. When Bella Omega was brought back, it had been completely reworked. In the middle area in the basement, between the grav-lift and the tunnels, was a Havoc, which was later replaced with a Shrike, when Hi-Rez removed most of the art assets for the Havoc and HERC from the game files.


  • The seventh firetruce takes place on this world.
  • Starsiege: Tribes logos can be seen on the crates near the dwellings.