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Canyon Crusade Revival, often referred to as CCR, is a remake of the classic Starsiege: Tribes map, Canyon Crusade, which was a popular map for competition play. The map takes place in a desert setting with a very open base design. While there is a main base, it is not very important, other than the fact that it houses the generator. There is a smaller base in the back, and a tower between it and the main base. The map is slightly different than the original, but it does maintain the feel of the original map. This map is available for Capture & Hold, Capture the Flag, and CTF Blitz modes.


The main base is a single story structure with a basement. The ground level has two inventory stations and a repair station. Downstairs in the basement is the generator and another repair station. The flag is positioned on a platform with a base turret guarding it. Around the flag is a tower similar to the one seen in Drydock, and smaller base, which has an inventory station in the lower level, and a radar sensor on the roof. There are two other turrets, one on each side route that skirts around the middle of the map. On one of the side routes, there is a docking station for spaceships, with one currently berthed. There are no vehicle stations on this map.



The open access to the flag allows Pathfinders to quickly grab the flag and get out if the flag is not defended properly. Aside from the standard assortment of turrets, Mines, and Force Fields, players will be needed to defend the flag and chase the flag once it is grabbed.


The generator can be easily accessed via three entrances on the ground level. The generator sits on the floor, making it easy for all types of weapons to damage it. The generator room itself is not very large, and primarily consists of corridors. There is no where for an Infiltrator to hide except for in the corridors.

Capture & Hold

C&H locations for CCR

A: Station between the two bases

B: Flag stand

C: Shipyard between the two bases

D: Flag stand

CTF Blitz

Blitz locations for CCR
  1. The default location.
  2. Above the main entrance, on the roof of the building that houses the generator.
  3. On the ground near the side entrance of the building that houses the generator.
  4. In the small building in the back of the base that has an inventory station.
  5. On a ledge of the tower.


  • The turret on top of one of the buildings on the side route can shoot almost straight down, through part of the building it sits on.
  • The original Canyon Crusade was created by |MX3| DOX.