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General Information
Armor Light
Health Pool 800 (900/1,000)
Health Regen Delay 20 seconds (15 seconds)
Energy Pool 100 (110)
Energy Regen Rate 13/s
Walk Speed 10 m/s (11 m/s)
Mass 100 kg
Tribes Gold 120
XP 7,000
Mastery 3,750 XP

"With stealth capabilities and heavy explosives, the Infiltrator can devastate an enemy defense."

The Infiltrator excels at sneaking into bases and destroying Generators and enemies. Most of the Infiltrator's weapons are silenced and do not disrupt its stealth for very long. It is also capable of carrying 5 Sticky Grenades, when using the Looter or Safety Third perk. When equipped with the Shocklance and the Close Combat perk, the Infiltrator can kill any armor in a split second. While Infiltrators are good for enemy infiltration, it is also common to see them on defense, quietly killing intruders. Some will even use the Super Heavy perk to invisibly stop flag runners. Though the Infiltrator has stealth, it has downsides. The stealth does not cover footprints in the sand or snow, and puffs of snow can be seen as the player walks around.


Armor Upgrades

Infiltrator MK I

-25% Regeneration delay
+10 Energy
+100 Health
+10% Run speed
+100 Health


Mercenary Assassin
337 Gold 487 Gold


"Some bands of warriors become mercenaries, selling their skills for payment. They are not fully trusted by tribesmen, though more for reasons of prudence. At the end of a contract period, mercenary groups may go to work for an enemy. During a contract, mercenaries are considered as reliable on the field as any tribesman. Treacherous merc groups are cast out and hunted down like dogs."


"Most tribes view assassination as a violation of the Tenets, but in the wake of the Seventh Firetruce massacre, some take a more pragmatic view. Assassins are almost always Tribeless, but not without honor of their own. An assassin will fulfill a contract or die trying."