Tribes: Ascend/Doombringer

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General Information
Armor Heavy
Health Pool 2,300 (2,400/2,500)
Health Regen Delay 20 seconds (15 seconds)
Energy Pool 80 (90)
Energy Regen Rate 9/s
Walk Speed 7.2 m/s
Mass 130 kg
Tribes Gold 120
XP 7,000
Mastery 3,750 XP

"Doombringer is a Heavy Defender with exceptional anti-vehicle capability and defensive tools such as Force Fields and Mines."

Doombringer, also commonly referred to as the "Noob-bringer," is the quintessential Anti-Armor class, wielding the mighty Saber Missile Launcher. The Doombringer can also deploy a Force Field. This class is highly criticized for the lack of skill required to obtain kills. All that is required is for the player to hold down the fire button and spray. It is one of the two "go to" classes for easy kills, the other being the Raider.


Armor Upgrades

Doombringer MK I

+100 Health
-25% Regeneration delay
+10 Energy
+25% Health Regeneration Rate
+100 Health


487 Gold


"This mercenary band is known for not taking any prisoners, and openly flaunting the Tenets. To see an Executioner, is to know death has found you."