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Light Armor
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General Information
Armor Light
Health Pool 1,000
Health Regen Delay 15 seconds
Energy Pool 100
Energy Regen Rate 13/s
Walk Speed 10 m/s
Mass 100 kg
Tribes Gold Free
XP Free
Mastery Unlocked

"Light Armor is extremely fast and is best suited for flag capping and chasing. It may be outfitted to fill sniping or infiltration roles."

The Light Armor excels at high speed roles and those that require a more delicate and sometimes explosive touch. This armor is suited for quickly grabbing the flag with its built in Rage perk, the player gains +50 energy, reduces their mass by 25%, and makes them immune to self-damage for 15 seconds after the enemy grabs their flag, if they are within 240 meters of the flag. If flag grabbing is your thing, consider equipping some Nitrons to recover that flag easier. Another area the Light Armor excels at is stealth. By equipping the Stealth Pack the player can sneak around unseen and plant explosives or stab some enemies in the back. Prism Mines' trigger is hard to see and is a favorite among those that like to infiltrate enemy bases. With two different sniper rifles, the Light Armor can pick off its enemies from afar.


Armor Perks


Rage gives players +50 energy, reduces their mass by 25%, and makes them immune to self-damage for 15 seconds after an enemy grabs their flag while they are within 240 meters of the flag. Rage is disabled once the player takes damage, or reaches the 15 second limit. Rage will not activate if they are holding the flag.

  • Mass decreased by 25%
  • Impulse is increased by 10%
  • Rage increases energy pool by 20%
  • Rage increases energy regeneration by 20%
  • First self impact damage is ignored and ends Rage
  • Rage expires after 15 seconds
  • 100% Energy is recovered when Rage clears


Infiltrator Sentinel Mercenary Assassin Specter Pathfinder Freerunner
Free Free 337 Gold 480 Gold 480 Gold Free 480 Gold


"With stealth capabilities and heavy explosives, the Infiltrator can devastate an enemy defense."


"A sniper capable of dealing damage at extreme range, the Sentinel is exceptional at Attack or Defense."


"Some bands of warriors become mercenaries, selling their skills for payment. They are not fully trusted by tribesmen, though more for reasons of prudence. At the end of a contract period, mercenary groups may go to work for an enemy. During a contract, mercenaries are considered as reliable on the field as any tribesman. Treacherous merc groups are cast out and hunted down like dogs."


"Most tribes view assassination as a violation of the Tenets, but in the wake of the Seventh Firetruce massacre, some take a more pragmatic view. Assassins are almost always Tribeless, but not without honor of their own. An assassin will fulfill a contract or die trying."


"Pathfinders have amazing speed, making excellent flag cappers and chasers."


"Free traders are the lifeblood of tribal commerce. Traders have to be tough and strong, the weak ones vanish, victim to pirates or tribal raiders. Freerunners take on the most difficult and dangerous trade routes, seeing their goods to the far edge of the Wilderzone."