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Medium Armor
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General Information
Armor Medium
Health Pool 1,500
Health Regen Delay 15 seconds
Energy Pool 100
Energy Regen Rate 13/s
Walk Speed 8.8 m/s
Mass 110 kg
Tribes Gold Free
XP Free
Mastery Unlocked

"Medium armor finds the balance between speed and survivability. It may also be outfitted to fill base building/repair or base disruption roles."

The Medium Armor is a balanced class that has a decent amount of health while not sacrificing too much speed. While it will have trouble when it comes across a Heavy Armor a skilled user of the Medium Armor will be able to handle a mediocre Heavy. This class has the ability to repair base assets and deploy turrets. The main focus of this class is as a support role, to support the flag grabbers and to keep the base in optimal condition.


Armor Perks

The Medium Armor gains extra vehicle energy while piloting.


Soldier Technician Raider Griever Mercenary Specialist Synthrall
Free Free Free 480 Gold 337 Gold 480 Gold 480 Gold


"The Soldier is an easy to play, all-around balanced class."


"The Technician is built for defense and repair, keeping base structures online and functional, and deploying Turrets to bolster defenses."


"The Raider is a durable attacking class, with weapons that can wreak havoc on defenses and Packs that offer extra protection."


"Originally dispossessed scavengers who picked over battlefields and mourned the dead, Grievers have evolved into loose clans of pirates and smugglers. The difference between Grievers and tribal raiders is simple: Grievers have no honor. They raid and kill indiscriminately."


"Some bands of warriors become mercenaries, selling their skills for payment. They are not fully trusted by tribesmen, though more for reasons of prudence. At the end of a contract period, mercenary groups may go to work for an enemy. During a contract, mercenaries are considered as reliable on the field as any tribesman. Treacherous merc groups are cast out and hunted down like dogs."


"Synthralls are robotic servitors with sufficient AI to accomplish basic labor tasks, and are sometimes linked to the command circuit for basic combat. The Tenets consider this acceptable. Any sane human becomes uneasy when they see armed autonomous machines, as such, all Synthralls have remote self-destruct sequences"