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Thrust Pack

Loadout/Class Light Armor
Slot Pack
Type Requires activation

"The Thrust Pack consumes energy to launch you forward. When Rage is activated the first Thrust will inherit 50% of the enemy flag grabbers speed."

The Thrust Pack is an unlockable pack for the Light Armor, and gives the player a boost when it is activated. The Thrust Pack was originally called the Blink Pack during the beta, and was available for the Jumper. When the Jumper was removed, the Blink Pack was given to the Pathfinder, renamed to the Thrust Pack, and then later given to the Light Armor.

The Thrust Pack provides a boost of up to 36 m/s (130 km/h) for a cost of 80 energy. If the pack is activated while the player has less than the required energy for the activation cost, it will boost the player by 1 km/h per unit of energy spent.

After Rage is activated thrust will accelerate the player at 50% of the flag grabbers speed at the time the flag was grabbed. This boost is only usable one time during rage. If the pack is activated again it will behave as a regular thrust pack.


Gold: Free

XP: Free