Tribes: Ascend/Pathfinder

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General Information
Armor Light
Health Pool 800 (900)
Health Regen Delay 20 seconds (15 seconds)
Energy Pool 100 (110)
Energy Regen Rate 14/s (17/s)
Walk Speed 10 m/s
Mass 100 kg
Tribes Gold Free
XP Free
Mastery 3,750 XP

"Pathfinders have amazing speed, making excellent flag cappers and chasers."

The Pathfinder is a light armor class that is primarily used for capturing and chasing the flag. The Impact and Compact Nitrons allow the boost the player's speed, as well as force the enemy to drop the flag, and the Thrust pack gives the Pathfinder another method for increasing their speed.


Armor Upgrades

Pathfinder MK I

-25% Regeneration delay
+10 Energy
+25% Health Regeneration rate
+100 Health
-10% Mass


487 Gold


"Free traders are the lifeblood of tribal commerce. Traders have to be tough and strong, the weak ones vanish, victim to pirates or tribal raiders. Freerunners take on the most difficult and dangerous trade routes, seeing their goods to the far edge of the Wilderzone."