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Heavy Armor
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General Information
Armor Heavy
Health Pool 2,600
Health Regen Delay 15 seconds
Energy Pool 100
Energy Regen Rate 12/s
Walk Speed 7.2 m/s
Mass 160 kg
Tribes Gold Free
XP Free
Mastery Unlocked

"Heavy armor is extremely resilient and is unmatched in long range bombardment capabilities. It may be outfitted to fill Heavy on Flag or base destruction roles."

The Heavy Armor is unmatched in its ability to bring death and devastation to the battlefield. This class can provide long range mortar support to bombard an enemy's base or flag stand, or it can bring in up close and personal carnage with its heavy impact class weaponry. The Heavy armor sacrifices speed but gains firepower and armor in its place.


Armor Perks

Body blocking deals damage to other players. Heavy Energy Pack converts incoming damage to energy.


Heavy Armor Doombringer Brute Crusher Executioner The Forlorn
Free Free Free 480 Gold 480 Gold 480 Gold

Heavy Armor

"Heavy armor is extremely resilient and is unmatched in long range bombardment capabilities."


"Doombringer is a Heavy Defender with exceptional anti-vehicle capability and defensive tools such as Force Fields and Mines."


"A heavy hitter with strong but basic weapons, the Brute prefers a direct approach to combat, soaking up damage and dishing out punishment."


"The Crusher Brigade is one of the most feared and respected mercenary groups in the Wilderzone. Focusing exclusively on heavy shock tactics, Crushers push the line at any cost."


"This mercenary band is known for not taking any prisoners, and openly flaunting the Tenets. To see an Executioner, is to know death has found you."

The Forlorn

"Some bands of warriors become mercenaries, selling their skills for payment. The Forlorn, however, join only lost causes. They work for free, letting the fame of turning a battle be their payment."