Tribes: Ascend/Jumper

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General Information
Armor Light
Health Pool 800
Health Regen Delay 20 seconds
Energy Pool 100
Energy Regen Rate 13/s
Walk Speed 10 m/s
Mass 100 kg
Tribes Gold N/A
Mastery N/A

"The Jumper has exceptional mobility thanks to its blink pack - allowing teleportation through energy pool consumption, while conserving forward and vertical momentum."

The Jumper is one of the three armor classes that was removed, and was the primary class used for flag grabbing. The weapons that were given to the Jumper were transfered to the Technician and Pathfinder as unlockable items.


Armor Light
Primary Weapon Bolt Launcher
Secondary Weapon Sawed-off Shotgun
Pack Blink Pack
Belt S.T. Grenade