Tribes: Ascend/Force Field

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Force Field

Loadout/Class Heavy Armor
Slot Pack
Type Deployable
Health 1,600

"Force Fields block all weapons fire. Humans can move through force fields, but will take damage based on how fast they are going when they do."

The Force field is an unlockable pack for the Heavy Armor. In order for the Force field to function, the generator must be operational. The Force field completely stops all projectiles, even those from friendlies. However, players are able to walk through the force field; friendlies will be unharmed, enemies will be damaged.


Heavy Armor

Gold: 80
XP: 8,000
Mastery Cost: Locked

Damage Table

Below are the damage values for the Force field.

Minimum Maximum
Speed 2 km/h 36 km/h
Damage 100 800