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Saber Launcher

Loadout/Class Heavy Armor
Slot Specialty
Type Explosive / Tracking
Manual Reload Time 3.0 seconds
Auto Reload Time 4.74 seconds
Lock-on Time 3 seconds
Projectile Speed 16.9 m/s
Projectile Live Time 20 seconds
Projectile Hitbox 0.4 meters
Splash Radius 7.2 meters
Ammo 15
Gold Free
XP Free
Mastery Cost (XP) Unlocked

"The Saber fires a tracking missile that will only lock onto vehicles or Humans who are in the air. It takes 3 seconds to lock onto a target, and cannot be fired without a lock. +200% vehicle damage."

The Saber Launcher is an unlocked specialty weapon for the Heavy Armor. The Saber Launcher requires a 3 second lock-on before it can fire, and the enemy being targeted is not notified until 1.4 seconds after the lock-on has started. Once it fires, the missile will follow the enemy that was targeted until the missile is destroyed, or hits the 20 second lifespan. The Saber can only target enemies that are within 35 degrees of the weapon and are not airbone. If a lock-on is not established, a dumbfire missile will be fired, which only flies straight. This missile has a damage radius of 6 meters, travels at 60 m/s, has a hitbox of 0.3 meters, and has a live time of 1 second.

Damage Table

Below are the damage values for the Saber Launcher.

Tracking Missile Dumbfire Missile
Base Damage 1,350 375
Beowulf 2,700 1,400
Deployables 1,350 700
Generator 1,350 1,400
Grav Cycle 2,700 1,400
Player 1,350 700
Sensor 1,350 700
Shrike 2,700 1,400
Turret 1,350 700
Splash Damage 675 - 1,350 187 - 375


The Saber Launcher has a 100% speed inheritance on fired projectiles. The base speed for the projectile is 13 m/s, with a maximum speed of 56 m/s, regardless of the inherited speed.

Kick Strength

The Saber Launcher has an impulse strength of 85,000 m/s applied to players hit by its explosion.

Special Accolades

The following accolades can be earned with the Saber Launcher.

Explosive Spree Demolitions Expert Hurt Locker