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"Get 50% more ammo from ammo drops."

Looter increases the amount of ammo a player gets when they collect an ammo drop from a dead player, and the final upgrade gives the player the ability to pick up 2 belt items instead of just one, and hold one more item in their belt slot, similar to the perk Safety Third. Looter however, does not start the player off with an extra belt item, but if the player picks up an ammo drop, it will fill that slot. This is a Primary Perk.


Upgrade 1: +25% ammo from ammo drops

Upgrade 2: +25% ammo from ammo drops

Upgrade 3: +1 belt ammo from drops


This perk is a favorite among Brutes because it gives them more Fractals that they can drop. Infiltrators also like this perk because it lets them get more Sticky Grenades.