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Raindance is a remake of the classic Starsiege: Tribes map of the same name, which was a popular map for competition play. The Blood Eagle and Diamond Sword battle each other on the verdant world of Tawa Mangahela. Each team must grab the other's flag and successfully bring it back to their base, touching it to their own flag to capture. The flags are located next to each base in a flag tower. Each team is equipped with a vehicle replicator as well. The first team with five captures shall be the victor! There are two bases separated by a ravine with a bridge spanning across it. This map is available for Capture and Hold, and Capture the Flag modes.


The main base is a two story structure with a basement level. The first floor has two inventory stations and a repair station. The main entrance drops to the first floor, and the entrance behind the base, leads to the second floor, which is a catwalk that goes around the walls. The generator is in the basement level of the base on a floating platform. On top of the base is a radar sensor and a base turret.

To the right of the base is the flag tower which has a ledge that goes all the way around the tower, and a doorway in the front of it that leads to a small room.

Off to the side of the base is the vehicle station.

Between the base and the bridge is another base turret, with one more to the side of the bridge, each team having three total. Further to the side of the bridge is a multi-story tower.



The flag sits exposed on the ledge of the tower next to the base. The sides are open, so Pathfinders can quickly grab the flag and get out if the flag is not defended properly. Doombringers can place Mines or Force Fields and make it difficult for a Pathfinder to grab the flag without taking damage. The Technicians can place turrets on the main base or on the ground near the stand. Having a Beowulf parked on a nearby hill is very effective at stopping flag runners.


The generator room provides multiple levels for teammates to sit in there and guard it, or place turrets in many locations. Plus, with the generator sitting on a floating platform, it makes it hard for mortars to deal full damage. It is possible to spam both entrances with mortars and fractals, preventing most players from getting in.

Capture & Hold

C&H locations for Raindance

A: Middle of the bridge

B: In front of tower in the midfield

C: Base lobby

D: In front of tower in the midfield

E: Base lobby


  • Hi-Rez made the base almost exactly like the original base, but had to add in the second entrance later on, due to complaints about Mortar/MIRV/Fractal spam at the entrance.