Tribes: Ascend/Vehicle Station

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Vehicle Station

Health Pool 4,000

The Vehicle Station allows players to purchase vehicles, as long as their class can pilot it. The player must walk into the Vehicle Station, which is the small platform in the ground, at which point a menu will come up prompting the player to choose a vehicle. When the vehicle is purchased, it will make the player invulnerable while the vehicle spawns, and then teleports the player in the vehicle. The player will always be placed in the pilot seat. If a Sticky Grenade is stuck to the player, it will teleport with them. If the generator is destroyed however, the Vehicle Station will not work.

There are currently 3 different vehicles available for purchase, the Beowulf, Grav Cycle, and Shrike.

It is possible to hijack an enemy vehicle by pressing "G" while standing next to it while it is empty.

The vehicle station must be repaired to 75% health before it will begin to function after being destroyed.