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Crossfire takes place on a lush world with two spaceships positioned at opposite ends of the map. The developers created this map as a successor to Broadside/Blastside. This map also has nothing to do with the Tribes 2 map of the same name. The pools of water located around the map have jumping fish in them. This map is available for Capture the Flag, CTF Blitz, and Rabbit modes.


The main base is a two level spaceship, with a vertical corridor connecting the left bay to the second level. There is a grav-lift that goes from the ground to the backside of the right bay. The first level has two inventory stations and the flag. The two bays are open with cargo crates placed about. There are floating platforms outside that can be used to get to the first level of the ship. Near the front of the ship is a turret, with another underneath the end of the ship. Next to the turret is the radar sensor and vehicle station.

The second level of the ship houses the generator, which is stored in a small room with two corridors that connect to it. At the front of the ship is another corridor that connects to a small room that has more inventories. Originally, the vehicle station was placed in this room, but was later moved to be with the vehicle pad so it would be like the other maps.

Behind the ship are two floating platforms, one at each end of the ship. These platforms are two of the spawn locations, the other two are on the ship, one on the backside of the ship next to corridor entrance at the front end of the ship, and the other is in the small room with the inventories on the second level.



The flag is open to Pathfinders using a side to side route, and a back to front route as well. Since the flag is open, it is also vulnerable to bombardment from Juggernauts. There is not much room around the flag to prevent a side route grab, aside from Mines or Force Fields. If a front to back route is used, mines, force fields, and turrets can be deployed inside the bay.


The generator is in a small room on the second level, which can be defended with mines and turrets. The corridors are small, so the mines and turrets generally easy to destroy. Another strategy is for a Brute to drop Fractals into the corridor or for Juggernauts to drop mortars.

CTF Blitz

Blitz locations for Crossfire
  1. The default location.
  2. On the floating platform closest to the ship.
  3. Underneath the ship, near the grav-lift.
  4. On the roof of the ship, in the center.
  5. In bay of the ship, on the side with the default flag location.


  • One ship is the "Sword of Fate" and the other is the "BNS Caanon 1"
  • There were not always fish in the pools of water, and when they were added in later on, they were well received by the fans.