Tribes: Ascend/Permafrost

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Permafrost takes place on a snowy landscape covered in green crystals. There are two Blood Eagle bases separated by a mountain range with a cave running through it. This map is available for Capture the Flag only.


The main base is a two story sturcture with the flag on top sitting under a platform with a forcefield behind it that is powered by the generator. The first floor leads to the generator area, and the second story is a small room with three entrances, and a hole in the floor that drops to the first floor. The [[Tribes: Ascend/Radar Sensor|radar sensor] is on the roof of the second floor with the flag. There are six entrances to the first floor of the base, one on each side, and three on the back side. On the roof of the first floor there are two ramps that go through the ceiling that lead to the first floor. One each side of the base is a base turret.

The generator is in the basement level of the base with lots of walkways and cargo crates. There are seven ways to get into the basement level, which makes it difficult for players to have enough time to destroy the generator without being attacked.

Off to the side of the base is the vehicle station, and there is an inventory station on the other side of the base.



As long as the generator is up, the force field behind the flag will not go down, preventing players from using a front to back route. The sides are open, so Pathfinders can quickly grab the flag and get out if the flag is not defended properly. Doombringers can place Mines or Force Fields and make it difficult for a Pathfinder to grab the flag without taking damage. There is plenty of room for Technicians to place their turrets as well.


With so many entrances to the generator, it is easy to get in, but it is also easy for defenders to quickly get down there as well. With all the cargo crates and walkways, Infiltrators have plenty of room to get around and hide.


  • In the early iterations of the map, there were force fields on the sides of the flag instead of behind it, but there were complaints that it was too hard to grab the flag.