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Tartarus takes place on a very lush world, one that the Ascend community likens to that of the movie Avatar. There are two bases, separated by large hills, shallow water, and very large trees. In the middle of the map is the remains of a dead tree with a waterfall coming out of the trunk. Across from the waterfall is a downed spaceship that is covered in vegetation. This map is available for Capture & Hold, and Capture the Flag modes.


The main base has a very modular design with only one story, and two main modules. The larger module houses the generator and two inventory stations. The smaller module has two small dead ends, and an entrance. To the side of the base is a large hill, which provides spawn points, and good sniping positions. Near the base of the hill close to the middle of the map is a base turret, with another one closer to the smaller module. The flag is positioned on a small bridge in front of the base, surrounded by crates.

The generator is in the large module of the main base, which can be accessed via the front entrance, or the entrance on the side through the small module.

On top of the larger module is the radar sensor, and on top of the smaller module is the vehicle station.



The flag sits on a very small bridge in front of the main base, and has several crates nearby, which limit the side to side route, and Doombringers can place Mines or Force Fields, sometimes Sentinels will place Claymores there as well. There is plenty of space for Technicians to place their turrets.


The generator can be easily accessed via either entrance, though Juggernauts and Brutes like to spam their mortars and fractals to defend both entrances. It is also common for Doombringers to lay mines and force fields in the corridors. There is no where for an Infiltrator to hide except for in the corridors.

Capture & Hold

C&H locations for Tartarus

A: Center of the map

B: Underneath the tree

C: Underneath the tree

D: Underneath the tree

E: Underneath the tree


  • Due to the lush terrain, tall trees, and vibrant colors, players called this the Avatar world.