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Stonehenge is a remake of the classic Starsiege: Tribes map of the same name. The Blood Eagle and Diamond Sword battle one another at close quarters. Each team must take the other's flag and successfully bring it back to their base, touching it to their own flag to capture. The first team with five captures shall be the victor! The map takes place on Septa Scarabae IV at midday with foggy and raining weather. There are two bases separated by a monolith. This map is available for Capture the Flag only.


The main base is a two story structure with the interior confined to the second story. On the roof of the base is a base turret and inventory station. Behind the base is a tower where the flag sits. On top of the tower is the radar sensor. Off to the side of the base is another base turret. Inside the second story of the base are two more inventory stations, and the generator. The second story of the base can be accessed from the first story, which is just an area open to the air, and there is also a vertical shaft that connects from the ground level to the second story.



The flag is exposed on all four sides and sits unprotected on the tower. Pathfinders can quickly grab the flag and get out if the flag is not defended properly. Doombringers can place Mines or Force Fields and make it difficult for a Pathfinder to grab the flag without taking damage. The Technicians can place turrets on the main base, on the ground near the stand, or on the ledges protruding from the tower.


The generator room is located in the second story of the main base and can be accessed via the first story, or the lower entrance. It is common to see Brutes dumping fractals, and Juggernauts firing mortars down the two entrances. The lower entrance, the vertical shaft, is protected by the base turret in front of the base, and can make it difficult to get up the shaft without getting stuck on the ledge.