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Dangerous Crossing, often referred to as DX, is a remake of the classic Starsiege: Tribes map of the same name, which was a popular map for competition play. The map takes place on Tombaugh V, at midday with hazy weather. Two bases, each with one flag, separated by a large chasm. A lengthy bridge joins the two. Five captures achieves victory. A straight line may be the quickest route, but not necessarily the safest in this mission... This map is available for Capture the Flag only.


The main base is a small two level structure with a vertical shaft that connects the first level to the second. The first level has the flag and two small bays in the center, one on each side of the flag. One each side of the corridor is a small platform. On the second level of the base, there is a turret. On the roof of the base is a radar sensor. Like the original map, there is an inventory behind the base, off to the side. The two bases are separated by a large chasm which is connected by a bridge.

There is not a generator on this map.



The flag is open to Pathfinders using a side to side route through the corridors. In order to prevent them from using the corridors, Doombringers can place Mines or Force Fields in them and Technicians can place Light Turrets in them as well or on the ground nearby or on the small platform protruding from the base. The surrounding hills allow for Juggernauts to bombard the base and surrounding area with mortars.


  • The original map had an inventory station and ammo station in the two bays in the base, but they were removed from Ascend due to complaints about Doombringers being able to rearm to easily.
  • The platforms on each side of the base are new additions, and were not there in the original map.
  • The original map had two small indoor turrets in the corridor of the base, these were not added in Ascend, as there is no equivalent asset.