Tribes: Ascend/Perks/Safety Third

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"+1 Belt Ammo. (Grenades, Mines, Etc)."

Safety Third gives players an extra belt item, and allows certain classes to deploy extra deployables. This perk also increases the raduis on belt items. This is a Primary Perk.


Upgrade 1: +5% belt item radius

Upgrade 2: +5% belt item radius

Upgrade 3: +1 mine deployed

Classes Affected

All classes get more belt items, but some benefit more than others.

Brutes get an extra Fractal grenade, which is always handy.

Infiltrators can hold 5 Sticky Grenades which can be used to take out Generators faster. The number of Prism Mines they can hold and deployed is increased as well.

Pathfinders get more Nitrons, which allows them to get to higher speeds, faster.

Sentinels will be able to carry 2 Claymores and deploy up to 4.

Technicians can deploy more Motion Sensors, and carry one extra, but this perk does not apply to the deployable turrets.