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EXR Turret

Loadout/Class Medium Armor
Slot Pack
Type Deployable
Fire Rate 1 per 2.0 seconds
Lock-on Time 0.55 seconds
Projectile Speed 80 m/s
Projectile Live Time 3 seconds
Projectile Hitbox 0.7 meters
Splash Radius 4 meters
Health 800
Gold 80
XP 8,000
Mastery Cost (XP) Locked

"The EXR Turret has a longer range than the Light Turret and fires a small explosive rocket. It deals less focused damage than the Light Turret, but makes up for it with flexibility."

The EXR Turret is an unlockable pack for the Medium Armor. The EXR Turret is a deployable turret that will automatically shoot at enemies once it has locked onto them, firing a dumb missile, which does not home in on the target. In order for the EXR Turret to function, the generator must be operational. The EXR Turret can only be deployed at least 20.48 meters away from any other deployed EXR Turrets. It takes 2 seconds for the EXR Turret to deploy before it can start firing.

Damage Table

Below are the damage values for the EXR Turret.

Base Damage
Base Damage 380
Beowulf 456
Deployables 380
Generator 475
Grav Cycle 456
Player 380
Sensor 456
Shrike 950
Turret 456

Kick Strength

The EXR Turret has an impulse strength of 40,000 uu applied to players hit by its shell.


  • Internally, the EXR Turret is named the Anti Air Turret.