Tribes: Ascend/ELF Projector

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ELF Projector

Loadout/Class Medium Armor
Slot Specialty
Type Support
Lock-on Distance 25 meters
Gold Free
XP Free
Mastery Cost (XP) Unlocked

"The Electronic Flux, or ELF, Projector focuses and drains energy from enemies or turrets nearby. The process causes minor injury to the armor wearer and will lock up turrets as they are being drained."

The ELF Projector is an unlocked specialty weapon for the Medium Armor that drains energy from players, vehicles, and base assets. The ELF Projector has a targeting angle of 75 degrees. If Base Turrets are targeted, they shutdown while their energy is drained.

Damage Table

Below are the drain rates for the ELF Projector in % per second.

Base Rate Damage Rate
Base Rate 0 0
Beowulf 60% 10%
Deployables 30% 5%
Generator 30% 5%
Grav Cycle 60% 10%
Player 30% 10%
Sensor 90% 20%
Shrike 60% 10%
Turret 90% 20%


  • In previous games, ELF is short for Electron Flux, however, in Tribes: Ascend it stands for Electronic Flux.
  • It is possible to destroy friendly vehicle stations with the ELF Projector, at least in training mode.