Tribes: Ascend/Melee

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Loadout/Class All
Slot Melee
Type Melee
Manual Reload Time 0 seconds
Build Up Time 0.7 seconds
Splash Radius 2.56 meters
Gold Free
XP Free
Mastery Cost (XP) Free

Players can use a melee attack by pressing the default key "E" and deal 900 damage to enemy player. Melee attacks are often used when an enemy or the player has low health and are very close to one another. The melee attack is very quick, but has a very short range. The Blood Eagle swing a Katar from their waist, and the Diamond Sword pull a sword off of their back.

Damage Table

Below are the damage values for the Stealth Spinfusor.

Base Damage
Base Damage 900
Beowulf 9
Deployables 675
Generator 180
Grav Cycle 9
Player 900
Sensor 9
Shrike 9
Turret 9
Splash Damage 900

Special Accolades

The following accolades can be earned with Melee kill.

Martial Art