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Tribes: Ascend features a class-based loadout system. Each loadout specifies what type of armor you have, along with what weapons and items you can carry. Loadouts can support up to four weapons, defending on which class is chosen, a melee weapon, a pack, and a belt item. Players can select which loadout to use by pressing a number on the numberpad to choose which armor you want and then choose the loadout. There are currently 12 loadouts that can be configured. Players can select which loadout to use when either respawning or at an inventory station. Each loadout can be configured with three weapons (four weapons for the Heavy armor) chosen from six different categories: Impact, Timed, Specialty, Automatic, Short Range, and Sidearm. Only one weapon from each category may be equipped on a loadout.


Light Armor

Light Armor is extremely fast and is best suited for flag capping and chasing. It may be outfitted to fill sniping or infiltration roles.

Medium Armor

Medium armor finds the balance between speed and survivability. It may also be outfitted to fill base building/repair or base disruption roles.

Heavy Armor

Heavy armor is extremely resilient and is unmatched in long range bombardment capabilities. It may be outfitted to fill Heavy on Flag or base destruction roles.

Armors Removed by Version 1.1

The following armors were removed when patch 1.1 was released.

Light Armor


The Infiltrator fights on the mantra of 'sneak in, blow stuff up.' Defined by its stealth capabilities and heavy explosive sticky grenades, this class is exceptional on attack and vehicle destruction.


Pathfinders have amazing speed and mobility, making exellent flag cappers. The addition of the Impact Nitron, which can knock flags from enemy hands, makes pathfinders solid chasers as well.


The Sentinel is a defensive sniper, with slow rate of fire but decent stopping power. Amred with its Claymores and Sensor Jammer, the Sentinel adds great flexibility to any base defense.

Medium Armors


The Raider is a durable attacking class. Its Grenade Launcher is lethal in close quarters, the Flare Grenade can mark targets and rediect tracking missiles, and the Shield pack provides enhanced durability.


The basic Soldier is an easy to play, all around balanced class. Medium armor coupled with extra mobility from its energy pack make this class good for both attacking and defending bases.


The Technician is a class built for defense and repair, keeping base structures online and functional, and deploying Light Turrets to bolster defenses along the way.



A heavy hitter with strong but basic weapons, the Brute prefers a direct approach to combat. Well-rounded against armored targets and exceptional durability give this class its strength.


Doombringer is the quintessential Anti-Armor class, wielding the might Saber Missile Launcher. The Doombringer can also deploy a Force Field.


Juggernauts excel at long range bombardment, and are capable of devastating the exterior of enemy bases with the Fusion Mortar. Increased durability on top of their heavy armor allow Juggernauts to survive in mid-field, despite poor mobility.

Not Released / Removed

Architect (Not Released)

The Architect is a defensive building class effective against enemy infiltration as well as airborne targets on high speed runs.

Armor Light
Primary Weapon S22 Rifle
Secondary Weapon Improved Repair Tool
Pack Anti-Air Turret
Belt Unknown (Grenade)

Engineer (Not Released)

The Engineer takes an aggressive approach to defense, using an SMG and EMP grenades that disable turrets and drain power from enemies. Wall Turrets have more durability than light turrets, but are limited in placement.

Armor Medium
Primary Weapon TCN4 SMG
Secondary Weapon Improved Repair Tool
Pack Wall Turret
Belt EMP Grenade

Jumper (Removed)

The Jumper has exceptional mobility thanks to its blink pack - allowing teleportation through energy pool consumption, while conserving forware and vertical momentum.

Armor Light
Primary Weapon Bolt Launcher
Secondary Weapon Sawed-off Shotgun
Pack Blink Pack
Belt S.T. Grenade

Marauder (Not Released)

The Marauder is designed for mass suppression, firing a mortar-like projectile that does wide area damage.

Armor Heavy
Primary Weapon MIRV Launcher
Secondary Weapon X1 Rifle
Pack Personal Force Field
Belt Spinfusor Disc

Ranger (Removed)

The Ranger is built for offense with a powerful Assault Rifle and extra durability in the form of shield pack. The White-Out Grenade can blind enemies, giving Rangers the opening advantage.

Armor Medium
Primary Weapon Assault Rifle
Secondary Weapon Thumper DX
Pack Energy Pack
Belt White-Out Grenade

Scrambler (Removed)

The Scrambler's Jammer Pack allows this class to not only hide itself and close friendlies from enemy turrets and sensor, but also reveal stealthed hostiles. The Arx Buster is a challenging weapon to master, but gives this class exceptional anti-armor capabilites.

Armor Medium
Primary Weapon Arx Buster
Secondary Weapon Sparrow
Pack Jammer Pack
Belt Whiteout Grenade

Rook (Not Released)

The Rook is a defensive Heavy, with exceptional suppression capabilities, and the ability to lay mines and use additional energy to assist in pursuit of enemies.

Armor Heavy
Primary Weapon Chain Gun
Secondary Weapon Heavy Bolt Launcher
Pack Minor Energy Pack
Belt Unknown (Mines)

Warder (Not Released)

The Warder is a defensive class capable of laying elaborate traps with its Mines and Force Fields.

Armor Medium
Primary Weapon Light Assault Rifle
Secondary Weapon Custom Eagle
Pack Force Field
Belt Unknown (Mines)

Wraith (Not Released)

A sniping class, the Wraith is a solid long range damage dealeer. Capable of using spare energy to charge more powerful shots gives this class extra punch, at the cost of mobility.

Armor Light
Primary Weapon Phase Rifle
Secondary Weapon Falcon
Pack Overcharge
Belt Unknown (Grenade)