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Voice Game System

The Voice Game System also refered to as VGS allows players to quickly issue commands/requests/replies by pressing a series of letters. The VGS can be accessed by pressing the default key "V", which will bring up a menu with different categories. The player then picks a category by pressing the key associated with it, which will then led to another most of the time. Some commands are only three keystrokes, like "VGY" for "Yes", while some are four like "VGCA" for "Awesome!" Only commands in the Global category will be heard by all players, the rest are only issued to your team. When Voice Packs were introduced, they added new voices that could be used for the VGS instead of the default voice. Some of these voices do not say the exact same words, but they are the same type of response. The VGS was originally from Starsiege: Tribes and is set up very similarly, though you can not play animations like you could in Tribes.


[VGCA] Awesome!
[VGCG] Good game
[VGCN] Nice move!
[VGCS] Great shot!
[VGCY] You Rock!
[VGRA] Any time.
[VGRD] I don't know.
[VGRT] Thanks.
[VGRW] Wait.
[VGTA] Aww, that's too bad!
[VGTB] Is that the best you can do?
[VGTG] I am the greatest!
[VGTT] THAT was graceful!
[VGTW] When will you learn?
[VGY] Yes.
[VGN] No.
[VGH] Hi.
[VGB] Bye.
[VGO] Ooops.
[VGQ] Quiet!
[VGS] Shazbot!
[VGW] Woohoo!


[VAA] Attack!
[VAB] Attack the enemy base!
[VAC] Chase the enemy flag carrier!
[VAD] Disrupt the enemy defense!
[VAF] Get the enemy flag!
[VAG] Destroy the enemy generator!
[VAR] Reinforce the offense!
[VAS] Destroy enemy sensors!
[VAT] Destroy enemy turrets!
[VAV] Destroy the enemy vehicle!
[VAW] Wait for my signal before attacking!
[VA1] Attack point A! (C&H Only)
[VA2] Attack point B! (C&H Only)
[VA3] Attack point C! (C&H Only)
[VA4] Attack point D! (C&H Only)
[VA5] Attack point E! (C&H Only)


[VDB] Defend our base!
[VDC] Defend the flag carrier!
[VDE] Defend the entrances!
[VDF] Defend our flag!
[VDG] Defend our generator!
[VDM] Cover me!
[VDR] Reinforce our defense!
[VDS] Defend our sensors!
[VDT] Defend our turrets!
[VDV] Defend our vehicle!
[VD1] Defend point A! (C&H Only)
[VD2] Defend point B! (C&H Only)
[VD3] Defend point C! (C&H Only)
[VD4] Defend point D! (C&H Only)
[VD5] Defend point E! (C&H Only)


[VRG] Repair our generator!
[VRS] Repair our sensors!
[VRT] Repair our turrets!
[VRV] Repair the vehicle!


[VBC] Our base is clear.
[VBE] The enemy is in our base.
[VBR] Retake our base!
[VBS] Secure our base!


[VCA] Acknowledged.
[VCC] Completed.
[VCD] Declined.
[VCW] What's my assignment?


[VED] The enemy is in disarray.
[VEG] The enemy generator is destroyed.
[VES] The enemy sensors are destroyed.
[VET] The enemy turrets are destroyed.
[VEV] The enemy vehicle is destroyed.


[VFD] Defend our flag!
[VFF] I have the flag!
[VFG] Give me the flag!
[VFR] Retrieve our flag!
[VFS] Our flag is secure.
[VFT] Take the flag from me!
[VFQ] I'll retrieve our flag!


[VNC] Need covering fire.
[VND] I need a driver.
[VNE] I need an escort.
[VNH] Hold that vehicle! I'm coming!
[VNR] I need a ride!
[VNS] I need support!
[VNV] Vehicle ready. Need a ride?
[VNW] Where to?


[VSAA] I will attack.
[VSAB] I will attack the enemy base.
[VSAF] I'll go for the enemy flag.
[VSAG] I'll attack the enemy generator.
[VSAS] I'll attack the enemy sensors.
[VSAT] I'll attack the enemy turrets.
[VSAV] I'll attack the enemy vehicle.
[VSA1] I'll attack point A. (C&H Only)
[VSA2] I'll attack point B. (C&H Only)
[VSA3] I'll attack point C. (C&H Only)
[VSA4] I'll attack point D. (C&H Only)
[VSA5] I'll attack point E. (C&H Only)
[VSDB] I will defend our base.
[VSDD] I will defend.
[VSDF] I will defend our flag.
[VSDG] I'll defend our generator.
[VSDS] I'll defend our sensors.
[VSDT] I'll defend our turrets.
[VSDV] I'll defend our vehicle.
[VSD1] I'll defend point A. (C&H Only)
[VSD2] I'll defend point B. (C&H Only)
[VSD3] I'll defend point C. (C&H Only)
[VSD4] I'll defend point D. (C&H Only)
[VSD5] I'll defend point E. (C&H Only)
[VSRG] I'll repair our generator.
[VSRS] I'll repair our sensors.
[VSRT] I'll repair our turrets.
[VSRV] I'll repair the vehicle.
[VSTC] I'll cover you.
[VSTD] I'll set up defenses.
[VSTF] I'll deploy forcefields.
[VSTO] I'm on it.
[VSTS] I'm deploying sensors.
[VSTT] I'm deploying turrets.
[VSTV] I'll get a vehicle ready.
[Upgrade] (CTF Only)
[VSUG] I'll upgrade our generator.
[VSUS] I'll upgrade our sensors.
[VSUT] I'll upgrade our base turrets.


[VTA] Target acquired.
[VTB] Target the enemy base! I'm in position.
[VTD] Target destroyed.
[VTF] Target the enemy flag! I'm in position.
[VTM] Fire on my target!
[VTN] I need a target painted!
[VTS] Target the sensors! I'm in position.
[VTT] Target the turret! I'm in position.
[VTV] Target the vehicle! I'm in position.
[VTW] Wait! I'll be in range soon.

Upgrade (CTF Only)

[VUG] Upgrade our generator!
[VUS] Upgrade our sensors!
[VUT] Upgrade our base turrets!


[VWE] Incoming hostiles!
[VWV] Incoming enemy vehicle!

Very Quick

[VVY] Yes.
[VVN] No.
[VVA] Anytime.
[VVB] Is our base secure?
[VVC] Cease fire!
[VVD] I don't know.
[VVH] Help!
[VVM] Move!
[VVS] Sorry.
[VVT] Thanks.
[VVW] Wait.