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Katabatic takes place on a snowy wasteland. The developers created this map as a successor to the Tribes 2 map of the same name. The interior of the bases has a very zen feel to it with waterfalls and sand gardens. This map is available for Capture & Hold, Capture the Flag, and CTF Blitz modes.


The main base consists of a small structure that the flag sits on, and a small tower that is connected to it by a small bridge. The rest of the base is underground, which can be accessed via a tunnel, or the small structure the flag sits upon. There are two base turrets, one on either side of the flag for the Diamond Sword base, and in front of and behind the Blood Eagle base. The radar sensor is on top of the small tower behind the flag. There are four inventory stations in the underground base, two on the first level, and two on the lowest level. The main difference between the two bases is that the main base is more difficult to enter on the Blood Eagle base, whereas, there is a direct path to the Diamond Sword entrance. It is also easier to sneak into the Blood Eagle's tunnel, where you are more likely to be seen entering the Diamond Sword tunnel.

The generator room is in the underground section of the base, and can be accessed either by the tunnel or main entrance. The generator itself sits on a bridge spanning a pit. There are tunnels that lead to and around the generator from the tunnel entrance. The main entrance has grav-shafts that drop to the lowest level.

Off to the side of the base is the vehicle station.



The open access to the flag allows Pathfinders to quickly grab the flag and get out if the flag is not defended properly. Since the flag is so exposed, defenses must be spread out, making them less effective. There is plenty of room for Technicians to place their turrets, and Doombringers can place Mines or Force Fields. Having a Beowulf nearby is very nice to have, as it can sit on a hill and blast the flag stand.


The generator can be easily accessed via the tunnel, and is large enough that a Beowulf can drive into it, with enough room to maneuvar and fire its cannon without damaging itself. The bridge that the generator sits on is large enough to accomodate all projectiles. Infiltrators have plenty of room to get around and hide.

Capture & Hold

C&H locations for Katabatic

A: In front of tower in the midfield

B: In front of tower in the midfield

C: Lobby underneath base

D: Lobby underneath base

CTF Blitz

Blitz locations for Katabatic
  1. The default location.
  2. On the ground next to the building the flag sits on by default.
  3. In the small tower behind the default flag location.
  4. Under the small bridge that connects the tower and building.
  5. In the lobby under the small tower.


  • In the beta, one of the tunnels had a problem where the vehicles would instantly explode upon entering, while the other tunnel was fine. Many people thought this was the intended effect and felt that having the Beowulf in the generator room was cheating. The tunnel was later fixed, allowing the vehicles to enter either tunnel without problem.
  • It was also possible to use a vehicle to get through the tunnel ceiling by ejecting into it.
  • In Tribes 2 this planet was controlled by the Starwolf, according to Hi-Rez, these are Diamond Sword bases on the Starwolf planet.