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There are 6 different game modes in Tribes: Ascend, to appeal to all types of players, Arena, Capture & Hold, Capture the Flag, CTF Blitz, Rabbit, and Team Deathmatch. According to the game files, there are four more game modes, which are not currently available, Defend and Destroy, Siege, Storm, and Team Rabbit. There are a total of 27 maps, spanning 13 worlds.



Arena is similar to TDM, except that it restricts the number of players to 5 per team, and the team has a total of 25 respawns. When the respawns are depleted, players are given one more life. The team that wins two rounds, wins. The maps for this mode are small, and encourage players use armors that have high mobility. This mode requires players to have reached level 8 in order to unlock it. The time limit is 10 minutes.

Capture & Hold

Capture & Hold requires players to capture a control point, by touching it, and then maintain control of it to gain points. For every five seconds that the point is held, 1 point is awarded. Maps have been 3 and 5 control points. The more control points held, the faster the team earns points, however, the team's forces will be spread thin to hold all of the points. Some maps have vehicle pads, which are tied to the closest control point. The amount of points required to win varies between 300 and 500 points, depending on how many control points are on the map. The time limit is 30 minutes.

Capture the Flag


CTF is the most popular of all of the game modes, and requires players to bring the enemy's flag back to their own flag to score. The first team to 5 captures, wins. The time limit for each map is 25 minutes, with a maximum of 10 extra minutes for Overtime. If the losing team is holding a flag and are only one point away from tying the game when time ends, the match will continue into Overtime, or if the match is tied. If neither team can make 5 captures by the end of Overtime, it will end in a draw. CTF is the only mode with full access to all resources including base turrets, generators, and radar sensors. This mode also has the largest selection of maps.

CTF Blitz

CTF Blitz is the same as Capture the Flag, with one extra addition, every time that the flag is captured it moves. The flag only moves for the team whose flag was captured.


Rabbit mode has only one flag, and all players fight for control of it. The goal is to hold on to the flag as long as possible. The player who held onto the flag the longest when time runs out, wins.

Team Deathmatch


TDM has two teams of players, with the sole purpose of killing each other. Each team starts with 125 lives, and the team that hits zero first, loses. Whichever player gets the first kill, also gets control of the flag, which will make deaths cost twice as much to the enemy team.

Unavailable Modes

The following modes are only seen in the game code, and are not currently available for play.

Defend and Destroy

Based on the game code, there are "cores" that must be defended/destroyed, and determine how points are earned. The goal limit is 25, and the time limit is 30 minutes.


Based on the game code, gameplay revolves around destroying the enemy's generator.


Storm mode on Drydock

Based on the game code, players must protect their carrier, most likely a ship similar to that seen in Crossfire and Drydock, from incoming missiles. The carrier has a shield, most likely to prevent missiles from damaging the core, which has a health of 300. Most likely the team whose carrier's core hits zero first, loses.

Team Rabbit

Most likely a variation of Rabbit, but with teams instead of it being a Free For All. The goal limit is 100.