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Starsiege: Tribes comes with built-in mod support. While the game has never been directly packaged with any kind of SDK, a number of websites offer or have offered downloadable tools to modify existing game scripts, textures and models. A Tribes server can be set to run a mod simply by adding an extra parameter to the command line.

The most common type of mod for Tribes is a "server side" mod: a mod which requires no content download on the part of the connecting player. These mods can dramatically alter gameplay elements without forcing the mod to lose "server side" status. Mods can add, remove or alter weapons, turrets, armors, deployables, gameplay mechanics, station behaviors, jetpack energy, even the very game rules themselves and still remain "server side". It is only with the addition of new models, textures, sounds or other such resources to a mod that the player is required to download anything in order to successfully connect to a server running it.

A server not running any mods, just the original install files, is considered to be running base.

Server side mods

Client side mods

  • C&C Tribes
  • Football
  • Mappers
  • redmoon
  • Star Wars
  • tribes-40k
  • trpg5005baseinst

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