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Spinfusor MKD
TA Wep SpinfusorMKD.png
Loadout/Class Juggernaut
Slot Secondary
Type Disc
Manual Reload Time 1.50 seconds
Auto Reload Time 2.09 seconds
Projectile Speed 78 m/s
Projectile Live Time 6 seconds
Projectile Hitbox 0.2 meters
Splash Radius 7.8 meters
Ammo 19 (24/29)
Upgrade 1 +5 ammo
Upgrade 2 +20% damage versus armored
Upgrade 3 +5 ammo
Gold Free
XP Free
Mastery Cost (XP) 3,750

"The Spinfusor MKD has been modified for a larger radius."

The Spinfusor MKD is one of the thirteen Spinfusor variations in Tribes: Ascend, and is the default secondary weapon for the Juggernaut.

Damage Table

Below are the damage values for the Spinfusor MKD.

Base Damage 20% vs Armored
Base Damage 600 600
Beowulf 1,008 1,209
Deployables 840 840
Generator 1,050 1,050
Grav Cycle 1,008 1,209
Player 840 840
Sensor 1,008 1,209
Shrike 2,100 2,520
Turret 1,008 1,209
Splash Damage 300 - 600 360 - 720


The Spinfusor MKD has a 50% speed inheritence on fired projectiles. The base speed for the projectile is 78 m/s, with a maximum speed of 160 m/s, regardless of the inherited speed.

Kick Strength

The Spinfusor MKD has an impulse strength of 85,000 uu applied to players hit by its disc, and a multiplier of 1.2 for self-inflicted damage.


  • Internally, the Spinfusor MKD is named the Spinfusor D.

Special Accolades

The following accolades can be earned with the Spinfusor MKD.

Classic Spree Disc Jockey Tribal Fanatic Blue Plate Special
Classic spree.png Disc jockey.png Tribal fanatic.png Blue plate special.png

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