Starsiege: Raiders

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Starsiege: Raiders

Developer(s) Prophecy Games
Publisher(s) Prophecy Games
Series Starsiege
Engine Unreal Engine
Platform(s) Windows
Release date(s) ETA November 2023
Genre(s) First Person Shooter
Mode(s) Multiplayer

Starsiege Raiders is an upcoming "looter shooter" game from Prophecy Games, a subsidiary of Hi-Rez Studios, inspired by Global Agenda, Tribes, Apex, Tarkov, Paladins, Diablo, Destiny, and Realm Royale. [1] The game was announced on Twitter on September 12, 2022 with only a picture of the name. [2] More details about the game will be announced at Twitchcon in October. [3] The domain,, was registered on August 30, 2022 but now redirects to After several months of playtesting, Starsiege: Raiders is no longer available for download.


The game takes place in the year 3022. Humanity is on the run from Prometheus and his cybrids. New alien artifacts and several local jumpgates have been found under cybrids control. Raiders are elite mercenaries brave enough to assault and retrieve artifacts from the enemy.[4]


The game has been announced to be a PvP looter shooter with procedurally generated maps.[5] Matches are less than 15 minutes long.[6] Gameplay is centered around collecting artifacts and then extracting from the mission with those artifacts. Artifacts consist of weapon and armor upgrades and can only be used if the player extracts from the mission with the artifact. Loot crates are located at bases around the map and contain health packs, shield packs, and ammo. There are 5 levels of crates. When a player dies, they drop a backpack, which contains their consumables, ammo, and artifacts which can be looted by other players.


The Armory is where the player can customize their character by choosing a primary, secondary, and melee weapon, along with three abilities. The armor worn by the character can be customized by choosing different helmet, chest, arm, leg, subsuit armor, jetpack, and armor dye.


Contract jobs can be taken. More details to come.


More details to come.


Registration for the alpha test opened on September 15, 2022 at

TwitchCon 2022

Starsiege: Raiders was showcased on October 07, 2022 at TwitchCon 2022 with select Twitch streamers being allowed to stream the game live. Prophecy Games had a booth with computers available for attendees to test the game. According to Hi-Rez Erez on Twitter [7] the game was rated 4.5/5 stars by attendees. Most of the streamers were not long time players of the Starsiege or Tribes series and primarily used bullet based weapons, and compared the gameplay to that of Apex and Escape from Tarkov. Many viewers of the streams, have raised concerns that the while the game is in pre-alpha, it looks to be an attempt to cash in on the looter shooter trend with low effort by re-using an existing IP. While viewers were critical, they are still hopeful the game will move into a positive direction.



  • The Cybrids shown in the teaser tweet[8] by Hi-Rez Erez are colony droids from Global Agenda. It is unclear if these are placeholder assets for the alpha or an attempt to link the Global Agenda universe to the Starsiege universe.


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