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The Tribes of Man have adopted a variant of the Empire’s Current Era calendar, which is based on the old Anno Domini reckoning of Old Earth. Tribal Reckoning, abbreviated "TR," (aka Terran Reckoning) retains the 24 hour Terran day and the 365 day Terran year. However, that is where the similarity ends. Each of the eighteen TR months consists of twenty days, and a five-day festival called Convergence falls at the end of the year. The parentheses contain the short form of the month’s name for less formal use. The colorful tribal calendar terms are supposed to have come from Phoenix himself, who desired to break with the sterile, overly precise version of the Imperial calendar, which by the time of the Cybrid Wars had become purely a decimal number which tracked the year to the ten-thousandth part. Even today, Imperials prefer to use their chronometers and reckon their year purely numerically. Common Imperial custom still retains days of the week, but all other calendar references have been outmoded.

  1. Jeweled Door (Jewel) - Month of Openings. This is an auspicious time for swearing oaths of allegiance or making great decisions.
  2. Burning Swan (Burn) - Month of Glory, a time of music and storytelling among the Tribes of Man.
  3. Scarlet Bat (Scar)- Month of Passion, considered auspicious for young lovers and secrets.
  4. Barbed Knife (Barb) - Month of Rites, this is the traditional month for newbloods to join their first raids, and for children to become adults.
  5. Shadowed Suns (Suns) - Month of Silence, considered a holy time by the Diamond Sword.
  6. Jaguar's Hunt (Hunt) - Month of Vengeance, some say of Justice. Said to be connected to the Immortal called "the Jaguar."
  7. Eagle's Oath (Oath) - Month of Honor. Curiously, this is said to be an inauspicious time for bloodfeuds, but auspicious for honorable war. The Blood Eagle celebrate their origins during this month, though some outsiders report that these festivities are more akin to a ritual of penitence.
  8. Wolf's Passage (Tail) - Month of Journeys. Auspicious time for pilgrimages and other travels. During this month, the Starwolf commonly seek the holy places of the Great Wolf and offer newborn children to the elders for naming.
  9. Phoenix Wept (Tears) - Month of Sorrow. Said to be named for the reaction of the Immortal Harabec at the outbreak of the first war between the Children of Phoenix and the Blood Eagle. The Children of Phoenix consider this a time to rededicate themselves to unification of the Tribes. The Firetruces always begin on the first of this month.
  10. Lost Sword (Lost) - Month of Patience. This is an auspicious time for preparation and planning. The Diamond Sword gather before their philosophers during this period, asking questions and receiving riddles as answers.
  11. Starry Cloak (Cloak) - Month of Vision, this is an auspicious month for dreamers and mystics. Artists also see this as a time for inspiration and appreciation of beauty.
  12. Void Executioner (Void) - Month of Vigilance. Tales are told of the ancient Cybrid Wars, and children are frightened with the bogeyman of Prometheus, the great enemy.
  13. Seventh Sky (Sky)- Month of Prosperity. The Free Traders hold their Great Bazaar on the Imperial Legate's world during this month. The time is considered auspicious for repaying debts, inauspicious for incurring them.
  14. Emperor's Curse (Curse) - Month of Testing. The name of this month is said to come from the ancient Emperor Petresun I, who some believe still lives as an Immortal. The story says he used his dying breath to pronounce a terrible curse: that humanity would endure ten thousand years of chaos before being found worthy.
  15. Jade Laser (Jade) - Month of Crafting. This is a month said to be auspicious for the making of weapons or the focusing of purpose. Many tribes call it the Month of War.
  16. Chained Breath (Chain) - Month of Obedience. This is the time of restraint and of submission to authority. Tribal squads use traditionally use this time for drills that focus on cooperation and precise teamwork.
  17. Cobalt Orb (Orb) - Month of Remembrance. Also known as the Month of the Rooted Tree, the Tribes of Man take this time to look back to a common origin on Sol III, Mother Terra. Traditional celebrations include gathering to listen to the histories and ancient tales of Earth.
  18. Ashen Scroll (Ashes) - Month of Endings. This is a good time to complete business, close out affairs, and end feuds (one way or the other).


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