Tribes: Ascend/Drop Jammer

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Drop Jammer
TA Pack DropJammer.png
Loadout/Class Sentinel
Slot Pack
Type Deployable
Health 1,200
Upgrade 1 +15% radius
Upgrade 2 +15% radius
Upgrade 3 +1 jammer deployed

"Jammers hide you from enemy sensors and HUD markers, as well as reveal enemy players in stealth."

The Drop Jammer is the default pack for the Sentinel. Once the Drop Jammer is deployed, it hides teammates within range of the jammer, from displaying on enemy HUDs. It also changes the players' skin to a static field, making the player more difficult to see. It will also disrupt cloaked enemies, making them visible. The jammer has a default radius of 30 meters and can be upgraded to 34.5 meters and 39.675 meters.



Gold: Free
XP: Free
Mastery Cost: 3,750 XP