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Tribes Ascend Version 1.0.1267

Major Highlights

  • New Synthrall skin for the Soldier class.
  • Two new voice packs:
  • TotalBiscuit
  • Stowaway
  • Settings for custom servers are persisted across logins.

Weapon/Balance Items

  • Fixed an issue where the Shocklance would affect energy usage of packs.
  • When players upgrade a base turret, the turret will now properly upgrade it’s rate of fire.
  • Fixed an issue where fractal grenades could timeout before they finished fractalling, resulting in a non-damaging explosion.

Additional Items

  • Shocklance now has a small weapons model.
  • Fixed positioning of Shocklance on the main menu.
  • Shocklance is now bannable from a custom server.
  • Rock bouncing custom physics preset has been changed to be index based. RockBounceIndex is the property 0=full rock bounce, 1=standard rock bounce, 2=no rock bounce
  • Fixed an issue where returning a flag could prevent grabbing an enemy flag or grabbing an enemy flag could prevent returning your team's flag.
  • Laser targeter no longer can deploy call-ins during the warmup phase of a match.
  • Fixed an issue where the passenger from a gravcycle could get launched off at a high speed when exiting.
  • Fixed an issue where certain types of fog could be disabled in custom .ini settings.