Tribes: Ascend/Health Regen Pack

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Health Regen Pack
TA Pack HealthRegen.png
Loadout/Class Juggernaut
Slot Pack
Type Passive
Upgrade 1 -3% regeneration delay
Upgrade 2 -3% regeneration delay
Upgrade 3 -3% regeneration delay

"Reduces the delay until Health Regeneration starts when out of combat."

The Health Regen Pack is the default pack for the Juggernaut, and decreases the time required before health regeneration can start.

Regeneration Table

Below are the regeneration times for the Health Regen Pack.

With no upgrades 20 seconds
With upgrade 1 19.4 seconds
With upgrade 2 18.8 seconds
With upgrade 3 18.25 seconds



Gold: Free
XP: Free
Mastery Cost: 3,750 XP