Tribes: Ascend/Energy Recharge Pack

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Energy Recharge Pack
TA Pack EnergyRecharge.png
Loadout/Class Pathfinder, Sentinel
Slot Pack
Type Passive
Upgrade 1 +4% energy recharge
Upgrade 2 +4% energy recharge
Upgrade 3 +4% energy recharge

"Increases energy regeneration rate 6%."

The Energy Recharge Pack is the default pack for the Pathfinder, and an unlockable pack for the Sentinel. The Energy Recharge Pack increases the player's energy regeneration rate.

Regeneration Table

Below are the regeneration rates for the Energy Recharge Pack.

With no upgrades 6% increase
With upgrade 1 10% increase
With upgrade 2 14% increase
With upgrade 3 18% increase



Gold: Free
XP: Free
Mastery Cost: 3,750 XP


Gold: 120
XP: 10,500
Mastery Cost: 3,750 XP