Tribes: Ascend/BXT-1A Rifle

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BXT-1A Rifle
TA Wep BXT1A.png
Loadout/Class Sentinel
Slot Primary
Type Charge up / Hitscan
Manual Reload Time 2 seconds (1.7 seconds)
Auto Reload Time 3.16 seconds (2.69 seconds)
Projectile Speed Hitscan
Magazine Size 5 (6)
Ammo 29 (34)
Upgrade 1 +10 ammo
Upgrade 2 +1 clip size
Upgrade 3 -20% range falloff
Upgrade 4 -30% reload time
Gold 80
XP 4,500
Mastery Cost (XP) 3,750

"The BXT1-A does more damage the longer you are in Scope. This variant has a slower charge time, but can fire more shots before reloading."

The BXT-1A Rifle is one of the four sniper rifle variations in Tribes: Ascend, and is an unlockable primary weapon for the Sentinel. The BXT-1A Rifle is a variant of the BXT1 Rifle, the only difference being that the BXT-1A holds more ammo, and takes longer to charge, 2.8 seconds for a full charge versus the 2.5 seconds of the BXT-1.

Damage Table

Below are the damage values for a fully charged BXT-1A Rifle. If the rifle is not zoomed in, it will deal 125 damage to the target.

Base Damage
Base Damage 500
Beowulf 0
Deployables 500
Generator 400
Grav Cycle 0
Player 500
Sensor 0
Shrike 50
Turret 0
Falloff Damage 10 - 500


The BXT-1A Rifle is a hitscan weapon, meaning that as long as the crosshair is on the target, it will hit instantly.


  • Internally, this weapon is named the Sniper Rifle MKD.
  • There is currently an aimbot out that can be used with this weapon because it is hitscan. Another hack uses this weapon to increase a targeted player's speed, ramming them into a wall, usually killing them.

Special Accolades

The following accolades can be earned with the BXT-1A Rifle.

Sniping Spree Sharpshooter Marksman
Sniping spree.png Sharpshooter.png Marksman.png