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Nov. 22, 2011: Tribes Closed Beta Version 0.1.562 Patch Notes

Patch Notes for November 22, 2011

Tribes Closed Beta Version 0.1.562.0

Server downtime: The Tribes Servers are expected to be down for several hours on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2011 while the patch is deployed. Watch the Server Status in Hi-Command for latest availability information.

Major Highlights since Version 0.1.549

  • The Pathfinder and Juggernaut classes are now priced at half their previous price. Players that have previously unlocked these classes will be refunded the difference between the original purchase price and the new purchase price.
  • There are now separate server regions for “N. America - East” and “N. America - West.” Select your preferred server region on the Play Now screen, or set your overall system default under the settings menu.
  • DryDock has been re-added to the CTF playlist. The map has been better optimized for performance, although additional performance improvements are still pending.
  • CTF Scoreboard now includes Class and Rank of each player. The class is shown as a three-letter abbreviation.
  • Rabbit Scoreboard has been updated.
  • Maximum number of players in a rabbit match raised to 12 (from 8).
  • Lowered credit prices for vehicles: Beowulf is 3000 credits, Grav Cycle is 600 credits, and Shrike is 4500 credits.
  • Players may now use unlocked class Skills and Perks in Training maps.
  • Explosive Looter perk gives the ability to have an extra grenade in a player’s inventory if that grenade was acquired from an ammo pickup nugget.
  • Fixed Air Show and Wheel Deal perks not reporting reduced prices in the Vehicle Pad menu.

Additional Items

  • Variety of improvements to the top-bar menu graphics.
  • Additional information is shown on the class icons on the Classes screen: how many skills unlocked, icon for when skills are available and ribbon to indicate new and promoted items.
  • Variety of other UI-related bug fixes, usability enhancements and performance improvements. More fixes and clean-ups will be coming in future patches.
  • In-game chat log has been re-written and should function well during heavy VGS flooding.
  • End of Game results in a “your team won/lost” message with your team icon.
  • Variety of audio/sound improvements and bug fixes
  • XP Summary screen has been sped up significantly and sound cues have been added.
  • "Take the flag to your flag stand" message now only appears when your team's flag is in the stand.
  • "Take the flag to your flag stand" message frequency has been moved from every nine seconds to every twenty seconds.
  • The Doombringer’s Force Field will no longer block shots when the generator is offline.
  • The legs in first-person are now hidden when zoomed.
  • Fixed issue in which team chat would persist for a user after they left a map instance.
  • Fixed issues with Doombringer's Saber Launcher not properly displaying missile notifications to vehicle passengers.
  • Fixed prompt text not showing for repair station. The location of some repair stations has been altered (across all maps).
  • Health effect sounds now stop playing when a match has ended.
  • The Jumper’s Thrust Pack contributes a lower amount of speed when used as the player’s speed increases.
  • Added the ability to boost the bass of certain sounds for users of headphones.
  • Fixed issue with weapons dry firing after using melee or throwing a grenade.
  • Players who have left and rejoined the same match will see their previously achieved accolades and awards along with new ones.
  • The Brute’s Heavy Spinfusor can now get the ‘Blue Plate Special’ accolade.
  • Skiing Tutorial re-added to the Training section on the Play Now screen.
  • Fixed Jumper’s Thrust Pack sound playing when the player dies.
  • Fixed Jetpack sounds not playing after getting into a vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue where zooming while reloading, then switching weapons, could leave the zoom overlay graphic enabled even though the player stopped zooming the actual view.
  • Visual changes to zoom on some weapons.
  • The Scrambler’s Whiteout Grenade no longer blinds friendly players, although it still will blind the instigator player.

Known Issues

  • The N. America - East region is still shown as simply "North America".
  • New settings options for Frame Rate Smoothing, Disable Help on Hud, Gamma and Bass Boost have been added to the settings screen, but are not yet functional.
  • The abbreviation for Sentinel is not showing up on the Scoreboard under class (it will show blank).
  • Rabbit in-match scoreboard overlaps the Chat Log.
  • Perk items are not always selecting the 2nd item reliably from the Classes Screen.