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Andrew's Tribes 1.30 LastHope Patch


This is my patch to hopefully end cheats (and not cheats that people still whine about) in tribes. unless some idiot who actually has as much time to waste on tribes as i do (or did) comes along, manages to make a really messy workaround, AND releases it, you can be (near) 100% positive nobody will be cheating in last hope servers. server code - NEW


  • integrated dosfix from nofix
  • hm.exe protection
  • interpolate/predictforwardtime protection
  • opengl32/glide2x protection (although shatners opengl isnt even worth running)
  • arbitrary model validation (default model checks are flag.dts,mine.dts,remote_invent.dts,radar_small.dts, and a cute flagstand.dts) - NEW
  • now shows a proper popup if you try and join a server with an unpatched exe
  • built in andrew (tm) patches: timestamp(), sound(), and crc bypass (for those t2 model azzez)