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***4/2 PATCH ITEMS*** (22047)

  1. Auth servers are handling load well now.
  2. Fixed an Unhandled Exception that involved people not having the proper AVI codec to play the intro movie. This should no longer occur. If you don't have the proper codec (most people do have it), then the movie will not play at all, but you won't crash.
  3. Resolved a problem with the autoupdater so that patches are applied correctly. Previous to this fix, if the user had run the game BEFORE getting a patch (i.e., played single player or LAN), then their DSO files were not being properly patched and this caused many issues for the user. This will no longer be a problem. It's very likely that this was the cause of one of the Unhandled Exceptions that people were getting.

Additional information:

  • We *just* fixed (minutes ago) the Redjack issue. We should have another patch in the next day or so with that fix in it.
  • We're a good way toward getting the rest of the community up and running again (EMAIL, FORUMS, and BROWSER). But it will still be a day or so before that happens.