Tribes: Ascend/Wraith

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General Information
Armor Light
Health Pool 800
Health Regen Delay 20 seconds
Energy Pool 100
Energy Regen Rate 14/s
Walk Speed 10 m/s
Mass 100 kg
Tribes Gold N/A
Mastery N/A

"A sniping class, the Wraith is a solid long range damage dealeer. Capable of using spare energy to charge more powerful shots gives this class extra punch, at the cost of mobility."

The Wraith is one of the six armor classes that was not released. The only information available is about this class is a collage of photographs taken at Pax 2011, showing the class info. What we know is that it is a light armored sniper. The weapons that were going to be given to the Architect were instead given to the Sentinel as unlockable items.


Armor Light
Primary Weapon Phase Rifle
Secondary Weapon Falcon
Pack Overcharge
Belt Unknown (Grenade)