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In Tribes: Ascend there are three vehicles currently available for purchase from a Vehicle Station, the Beowulf, Grav Cycle, and Shrike. Each vehicle costs varying amounts of credits, and can be set to specific amounts on custom servers. Generally, the Grav Cycle is the cheapest and the Shrike is the most expensive. There are also defined limits on the number of vehicles allowed on the map at one time, these are set by vehicle type. Any vehicle left unattended for 60 seconds will explode. Vehicles are only available in Capture the Flag, CTF Blitz, and a few Capture & Hold maps.



Grav Cycle

Grav Cycle

The Grav Cycle, is an anti-gravity motorcycle available to all armor classes. This vehicle allows a passenger to ride on the back, and fire their weapon. The Grav Cycle is quick and can fire up to 8 bomblets before having to reload. However, the Grav Cycle is very weak, with only 1,400 health.


The Beowulf is a hover tank, with a rather low ground clearance. This vehicle also allows for a passenger to ride in it, putting them in control of the chain gun mounted on top. The Beowulf is slow, but has massive firepower. While the Beowulf has 8,000 health, it can be easily taken out because almost every weapon deals more damage to vehicles than it does to players. Agile light armors can quickly destroy a Beowulf due to their high maneuverability.


The Shrike is the only flying vehicle in Ascend, and is also the only vehicle that does not allow for a passenger. With its high speed, Shrikes can be difficult to take and are good for chasing down flag runners. Be wary though, a well placed disc can do significant damage to the Shrike.

Unreleased Vehicles

The following vehicles are not available in-game, and can only be found in the game's files, and even then, Hi-Rez deleted most of them.



The Havoc is a flying carrier, capable of carrying 4 teammates, and a pilot. The pilot also controls the mortar that is mounted under the craft. The Havoc can be seen in the trailer that was first released by Hi-Rez, but was removed because, "it was too difficult to control." Even though the there was a large cry by the community for its release, it has never been available for purchse.



The HERC, generally a bipedal mech seen in the Earthsiege and Starsiege games, takes the form of a large tank in Ascend. While fans were disappointed that the HERC only shared the name of the HERCULANs of lore, they were curious as to what it would become. This vehicle was far from being ready, and only had a very rough game model.

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