Tribes: Ascend/Soldier

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General Information
Armor Medium
Health Pool 1,200 (1,250/1,350)
Health Regen Delay 20 seconds (15 seconds)
Energy Pool 100 (105)
Energy Regen Rate 13/s
Walk Speed 8.8 m/s
Mass 100 kg
Tribes Gold Free
XP Free
Mastery 3,750 XP

"The Soldier is an easy to play, all-around balanced class."

This is the essential "Call of Duty" class, as it has primarily weapons that appear in the game Call of Duty. Tribesesque weapons were later added to the class, as somewhat of an afterthought.


Armor Upgrades

Soldier MK I

-25% Regeneration delay
+50 Health
+25% Health Regeneration rate
+5 Energy
+50 Health


487 Gold


"Synthralls are robotic servitors with sufficient AI to accomplish basic labor tasks, and are sometimes linked to the command circuit for basic combat. The Tenets consider this acceptable. Any sane human becomes uneasy when they see armed autonomous machines, as such, all Synthralls have remote self-destruct sequences."