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"If you are near your flag when an enemy picks it up, you become enraged. Enraged grants you an instant +50 Energy. For 15 seconds you have 20% less mass and are immune to the next self-damage you take, which removes the Rage Effect."

Rage gives players +50 energy, reduces their mass by 20%, and makes them immune to self-damage for 15 seconds after an enemy grabs their flag while they are within 240 meters of the flag. Rage is disabled once the player takes damage, or reaches the 15 second limit. Rage will not activate if they are holding the flag. This is a Primary Perk.


Upgrade 1: +25 energy

Upgrade 2: +25 energy

Upgrade 3: +50% heal at start of rage


Pathfinders benefit the most from this perk, especially if they are a chaser. They can hang around the flag and once it's grabbed, quickly get to speed, and recover the flag.