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"Reduces the amount of time it takes to switch weapons by 30%."

Quick Draw can reduce the player's weapon switch speed by 50% when upgraded. The final upgrade throws the player's grenades 20% faster. This is a Secondary Perk. When fully upgraded, grenades can be thrown at a rate of 1 every 0.567 seconds instead of 1 every 0.7 seconds, and weapons can be switched in 0.35 seconds, instead of the usual 0.85 seconds.


Upgrade 1: +10% switch speed

Upgrade 2: +10% switch speed

Upgrade 3: +20% grenade throw speed


Soldiers and Doombringers benefit the most from this perk, enabling them to switch between their primary and secondary weapons very quickly, allowing them to hammer opponents. Soldiers who use this perk usually use the Spinfusor and Spare Spinfusor, and the Doombringers usually use the Titan Launcher and the Heavy Bolt Launcher.