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Nov. 10, 2011: Tribes Closed Beta Version 0.1.523 Patch Notes

Server downtime: The Tribes Servers are expected to be down on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2011 from ~9:00 AM to ~3:00 PM US Eastern (14:00 to 20:00 GMT) while the patch is deployed.

Major Highlights since Version 0.1.504

  • Removed speed cap. Implemented various falling, skiing, and jetpack physics changes.
  • Changes also include a variety of modifications to Skills to better fit into the new movement system. XP will be refunded for those skills that have been deprecated.
  • New Map added to Rabbit Rotation (Drydock Night Map) .
  • New Map added to CTF Rotation (Drydock Day Map) .
  • Variety of improvements to server stability and disconnects (may still be several issues outstanding -- please report them if you find them).
  • Variety of UI improvements and cleanups (most significantly to the death camera and to the Skills and Perks screens).
  • Large number of bug fixes.

Additional Items

  • Adjusted flag throwing physics to improve throwing in specific directions.
  • Players who leave or disconnect from a match will now receive XP and Tokens for their time in game, once that match has ended. [NOTE: Some issues remain if you are offline when the match you were in has ended. These are being researched and should be fixed in an upcoming patch].
  • VIP Experience now properly awarded to VIP players on Free Servers (while VIP Servers are not in function). Rank Experience is not increased by VIP or Boost anymore.
  • New tooltips for Skills and redesigned layout for the Skills popup window.
  • Added two-step process for selecting both class perks at the same time.
  • Added new death camera info box, displaying killer’s name, remaining health, class, rank, weapon used, and perks equipped.
  • Adjusted Light/Med/Heavy flight characteristics at high speeds.
  • Help text ignores are now properly saved.
  • Fix for zoom breaking if zoom was enabled while a player died (this only happened when the Toggle Zoom feature was enabled).
  • Support for “Borderless Window” option. Removes border from window (best use is to run at monitor’s full-screen resolution -- allows for faster Alt-Tabbing in and out of the game).
  • Picking up a repair tool from a repair station now replaces the player's currently equipped weapon rather than always replacing the secondary weapon.
  • When a player enters an inventory station, they begin health regen immediately.
  • Fixed hit indicator being on the opposite side for the back side hits.
  • Fixed mipping issues on many hand models as well as the spinfusor and sniper rifle
  • Separated input release time and animation time from inventory stations.
  • Fixed bug with call-in cooldown not behaving properly.
  • Added the syncing of PID-loop state between client/server for Shrike. This should lower server correction and possibly eliminate the “death blossom.”
  • Allow re-selections of Perks that player has already assigned to a character.
  • Fixed bugs with wrong pop-up windows, lost button events and wrong buttons visible in different states.
  • Store redirects to purchase gold from store when not enough gold on player to purchase classes.
  • Fixed an issue where context help messages would not disappear if the player died near an object showing help text.
  • Fixed an issue where the health regen effect would cancel the Jammer Pack effect.
  • Fixed an issue where certain spots in certain maps would catapult a player at incredible speeds if the player flew into it a specific place.
  • Pressing weapon swap when the current weapon is the Laser Targeter will revert to the previously used weapon rather than always choosing the secondary weapon.
  • Fixed an issue where turrets could be deployed off the ground and float in air in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where a turret's rotation could be incorrect after being deployed.
  • Fixed an issue where the death camera would not reset its view target and would keep showing the last killer even if the player suicided.
  • Added third person animation set to better represent SMG weapons.
  • Update to death camera for turrets and suicide.
  • Consolidated Class Ratings concerning movement into “Mobility” rating.
  • More descriptive class loadouts on Class Screen.
  • Players will only receive the VIP Unlock message once.
  • Moved bolt launcher first person model down to avoid arm clipping into screen.
  • Fixed issue where the Chaingun was not correctly reporting ammo counts after picking up a dropped ammo pickup.
  • Fixed issue where base sensors were not detecting enemies correctly in certain situations.
  • Fixed player health bars not updating their max percentage correctly due to skills and the Determination perk.
  • Fixed not being able to rebind the ‘c’ key.
  • Fixed the issue in Katabatic where there was an invisible wall on either side of the generator in the Blood Eagle base.
  • Fixed issue with BXT1 Clip size skill applying to the Nova Blaster.
  • Fixed issue with minimum deploy distance between Force Fields not being correct.
  • Fixed post process effects persisting to the main menu when disconnected from a match
  • Added all new perk icons for HUD and menus. descriptive tool tips, with information on how to unlock each.
  • Added rollover tooltips for perk icons on “potential perks” as well as selected slots on the class screen.
  • Fixed Fonts on tooltips for dynamic text fields.
  • Fixed Flickering on Perk Icons, added new Icons for additional perks.
  • Fixed issue where the character at the class screen would sometimes jitter violently when the death camera was following a vehicle.
  • VGS commands should now properly play audio on all headphones.
  • New Accolade icons for base destruction and repairs.
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