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Inventory Station

Health Pool Invulnerable

The Inventory allows players to switch their loadouts and classes without having to respawn, resupplies the players' current loadout if a new one is not selected, and starts the players' health regen. There is a 15 second lock out period after the Inventory Station is accessed, where that player can not use the Inventory, but other players can. If the generator is destroyed however, the Inventory Station will not work. The Inventory Station does not work like the Inventories of the original Tribes games; the players must first select a loadout via the numberpad, and then step into the Inventory.

The Supply Drop is a somewhat portable version of the Inventory Station. For 2,000 credits, a player can call in a Supply Drop to be dropped from the sky to the location of the player's choosing, even on top of another player, dealing 16,000 damage. The supply drop version can do everything the normal Inventory can, except it can not start a player's health regen. One of the benefits of the supply drop is that is not dependent upon the generator.