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Tribes: Ascend can no longer be launched from the Hi-Rez launcher, and can only be played via Steam. However, Hi-Rez has delisted Tribes: Ascend, and can no longer be found in Steam by performing a search, it can only be found by searching on Google. Below are instructions on how to play Tribes: Ascend without using Steam.

For New Players (Non-Steam)

  1. Create a Hi-Rez Studios account
  2. Download the standalone client
  3. Create a new folder for the files to be extracted to
  4. Extract into the new folder
  5. Browse to the new folder, open the Binaries folder, open the Win32 folder
  6. Find TribesAscend.exe, create a shortcut of it
  7. Right click on the shortcut, and select Properties
  8. In the Target field, add -hostx= to the end of the executable path
    • (Example: Tribes_Ascend_Parting_Gifts\Binaries\Win32\TribesAscend.exe -hostx=
  9. Click Apply.
  10. Run the shortcut, enter your username and password. Click Submit. Enjoy!

For New Players (TA Mods) (Non-Steam)

  1. If you don't have the game installed follow the "For New Players" guide above, first.
  2. Download the latest mcoot TribesLauncher here:
  3. Install the TribesLauncher. It will automatically launch the application when finished.
    • (If prompted for path configuration. Click folder icon and locate your TribesAscend.exe then click continue)
  4. While in the TribesLauncher window click "Update TAMods". When finished click "Configure Launcher".
  5. Select Custom as the Login Server then enter Uncheck Launch Via Steam and click Save.
  6. Click "Configure T:A", click "Launch External Config Tool", Select Mods you want, Click Save Config then OK.
    • (Keep in mind that any modification or injection to any executable can result in the risk of being flagged.)
  7. Close The TAMods Configuration Tool window, Close The Tribes Settings window, Select Launch Tribes.
  8. Minimize game window and click Inject TAMods.
    • (Optional: Auto Injection can be set via Configure Launcher)
  9. Return to the game. Enjoy.

For Current Players (Hi-Rez Launcher)

  1. While in the Hi-Rez Launcher click the icon that looks like a cog wheel. (This is the settings for the launcher)
  2. Look for the Command line field. Enter -hostx= Press Enter. Close the settings window.
  3. Launch the game as normal. Enjoy.

For Current Players (TA Mods) (Non-Steam)

  1. Download the latest mcoot TribesLauncher here:
  2. Launch the tribeslauncher. Click "Update TAMods". When finished click "Configure Launcher".
  3. Select Custom as the Login Server then enter Uncheck Launch Via Steam and click Save.
  4. Launch Tribes. Enjoy.

Credits: mago4ever (original thread)[1], KarmaEntity (Guide)[2]